Our Story

THE Family

Meyer Cheese is a testament to the resilience of a family dedicated to their craft. This incredible journey started with the vision of Ben and Fieke Meyer, a dutiful engineer and an inspiring teacher from the Netherlands. Fuelled by a passion for independence, nature, and authenticity, they ventured into the artisanal world of cheese making. Today, their legacy is carried forward by their children, each contributing to this thriving family business with relentless passion and unparalleled expertise. Together, they continue to uphold the Meyer ethos of diligence, authenticity, and tradition in every wheel of cheese.


Our Beginning

The roots of Meyer Cheese trace back to a small village in the Netherlands, where Ben and Fieke visited a monastery producing handmade cheese. Intrigued by this craft, they embarked on a flavourful adventure, turning their hay shed into a world of cheese. Their first masterpiece, a young farmhouse Gouda, was born in July 1976. They soldiered on, delighting visitors with their aromatic cheeses from a charming cellar shop on their farm. Seeking fresh pastures, they voyaged to New Zealand in 1984, planting their roots in Waikato, the dairy heartland. Here, they built Meyer Cheese into a business admired for its commitment to quality, tradition, and the art of cheese making.


Tree Planting

We actively champion environmental stewardship through our various programs. Our tree planting program is integral to our conservation efforts, fostering biodiversity and combating climate change. We extend our green initiatives to the broader community through our environmental support program, encouraging shared responsibility for our planet.

We’re proud supporters of Friends of Barrett’s Bush, contributing to the preservation of local flora with our significant tree donations. Moreover, Meyers Bush, our personal kahikatea plantation, stands as a testament to our family’s commitment to the environment. Shielded from stock, this plot thrives, adorned with native plant species.

Our commitment extends to urban landscapes too. We’re aiding Hamilton City in gully restoration and native tree planting, reshaping the cityscape.

Join us on our journey. For more information or to get involved, please contact us.


Our Practices

At Meyer Cheese, sustainability is not just an afterthought, but rather the driving force behind every decision we make. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in the thoughtful choices we make at every level, including our Board’s mandate to assess the environmental impact of any decision before it’s made.

We source our milk from our own farm and local suppliers, dramatically reducing the energy needed for transport and pre-production.

Beyond sourcing and production, we believe in the power of self-sustainability. We proudly manage our on-farm water supply, wastewater treatment, and irrigation, creating a closed-loop system that minimizes our environmental footprint while ensuring the quality and authenticity of our cheese.

With each wheel of cheese, we produce we affirm our dedication to a greener future. At Meyer Cheese, we’re not just making cheese – we’re making a difference.

Our Awards

Despite our humble size, Meyer Cheese stands tall in the New Zealand Cheese Awards landscape. Our unwavering dedication to excellence has twice led us to the coveted Supreme Champion title (1994 and 2012). Our General Manager, Miel Meyer, made history in 2011 as the youngest recipient of the prestigious Cheese Maker of the Year award. Our decade-long consistency in delivering superior cheese did not go unnoticed, earning us the Cheese of the Decade award by the New Zealand Small Cheese Makers Association. These accolades underscore our commitment to quality and passion for artisanal cheese-making, adding a distinct flavour of pride to every wheel of cheese we produce.

Awards 2023


Champion of Champions
Fenugreek Gouda

Old Master, Vintage Gouda, Mild Gouda, Fenugreek, Smoked Gouda

Cumin Gouda, Maasdam, Cracked Pepper, Garlic and Chives, Aged Goat Gouda, Goat’s Milk Gouda

Tasty Gouda

Awards 2022

Cumin Gouda, Tasty Gouda, Maasdam, Fenugreek, Garlic and Chives, Goat’s Milk Gouda

Mild Gouda, Cracked Pepper, Aged Goat Gouda

Awards 2021


Cumin Gouda, Tasty Gouda, Maasdam, Fenugreek, Garlic and Chives, Goat’s Milk Gouda

Old Master, Cracked Pepper

Garlic and Chives, Sheep Milk Gouda

Awards 2020


Champion of Champions
Goat’s Milk Gouda

Fenugreek, Cracked Pepper, Garlic and Chives, Smoked Gouda, Goat’s Milk Gouda

Tasty Gouda, Maasdam, Cumin Gouda, Mild Gouda

Vintage Gouda

Awards archived

2019 – Champion of Champions – Goat’s Milk Gouda
2019 – Cheese Maker of the Year – Geert Meyer
2018 – Cheese Maker of the Year – Geert Meyer
2017 – Champion of Champions – Smoked Goat Gouda
2015 – Cheese Maker of the Year – Miel Meyer
2013 – Champion of Champions – Vintage Gouda
2012 – Champion of Champions – Vintage Gouda
2011 – Cheese Maker of the Year – Miel Meyer
2009 – International Cheese Awards – Gold: Smoked Gouda, Goat’s Milk Gouda

Making Our Gouda

We’ve followed the traditional Dutch way of making Gouda Cheese since 1976.

STEP ONE: Sourcing the Perfect Milk

At Meyer Cheese, the cheese-making journey begins with fresh, high-quality milk. Our cow’s milk comes from our very own family farm where the cheese is made, ensuring unparalleled freshness. For our goat and sheep milk cheeses, we partner with local farms that share our commitment to quality and single-source supply. The health and diet of all our grazing animals are paramount, as we understand how superior feed quality directly translates into exceptional cheese. Each batch of fresh milk is treated with utmost care and processed to preserve its natural goodness.

cow in a field

STEP TWO: Crafting with Care

Our quest for quality is a continuous endeavour. We adhere to the philosophy that perfection may be difficult to achieve, but it’s worth striving for. This philosophy extends to every stage of our cheese-making process. From handling the milk and curd to caring for the forming cheese, each step is executed with meticulous attention to detail. Good things do indeed take time, and patience is our secret ingredient.

cow in a field

STEP THREE: The Art of Affinage

The role of the Affineur, or cheese ager, is vital in our cheese journey. It’s during this period that our cheese matures, developing a depth of flavor and quality that sets Meyer Gouda apart. Traditionally aged on wooden shelves, our cheese is hand-turned daily, allowing for an even aging process. This love-filled journey, from pasture to plate, occurs entirely on our farm, ensuring that each wheel of Gouda cheese carries our unique, homegrown stamp of excellence.


Supporting Good Causes / Our Commitment

Over the years, we have contributed to numerous charities, infusing our values of kindness and generosity into our broader community. If you’re associated with an organization or charity that aligns with our ethos, we’d love to hear from you. Tell us how we could assist, and we’ll explore every possibility to lend our support. Your mission could become a part of our extended family’s legacy of giving.


Our Journey to Sustainability / Our Approach

Our journey began on our own farm, where we integrated pest control and the planting of native trees into our daily operations. Gradually, we expanded our green initiatives to the local community, fostering growth and biodiversity by purchasing, nurturing, and planting thousands of trees.

Committed to cultivating a healthier environment, we collaborate with other farms, schools, and community projects that share our vision. Our contributions range from connecting groups and providing trees to sharing valuable information. Interested in learning more about our environmental initiatives or becoming a part of them? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to hear from you

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